Simplifying Patient Care & Enhancing Brand Strategy

HealthConnect simplifies patient care by connecting people's needs for credible and relevant information with programs and solutions we manage for our clients.

We manage consumer and patient care programs on behalf of pharmaceutical, medical device, nutritional and animal health companies, as well as support groups and other health-related organizations.

We help our clients care for their customers – patients, caregivers, consumers, healthcare professionals – with a comprehensive range of solutions we group in the following three areas: Patient Care, Brand Care, Pharmacy.

Patient Care

Patient Care is at the core of what we do. HealthConnect works in partnership with our clients to simplify the complexities of communication and support. And importantly, we design and deliver solutions that can make their customers' lives better.

Who are your customers?

Our range of multi-access contact centre and fulfillment solutions provide care, information, support and products to:
  • Patients
  • Consumers
  • Caregivers
  • Health care professionals
  • Allied & homeopathic health providers
  • Groups & associations
  • Canadians and North Americans

Contact Centre Customer Care Solutions

We provide a complete range of solutions for Customer and Patient Triage and Information Services:
  • Product information & FAQ's (Prescription, OTC, Devices, Injectables, Veterinary)
  • Disease & condition information
  • Consent, enrollment and mail/email handling
  • Profiling and clinical trial recruitment screening
  • Adverse event reporting
  • Medical Affairs support & triage
  • Customer service triage and handling
  • Complaint handling, including product retrieval
  • Cheque refund and coupon request handling
  • HCP calls

Multi-Access Contact

  • Inbound and outbound phone
  • E-mails (receipt and response)
  • Web & digital interface, including Web mail
  • Text messaging (SMS)
  • Letters & fax correspondence
  • BRC's
  • Surveys

Patient Counselling Lines & Support Programs

There is an art to good patient counselling and support. It begins with Consumer friendly content and a Holistic approach. Our programs include:
  • Information on medications, diet, exercise, emotional support and social activities
  • Adherence diaries, tracking tools,
  • Follow up reminders and motivation
  • PAAB & ASC compliance

HealthConnect can Manage programs for our clients as well as assist with Program Development and Production:

  • Patient support programs
  • Caregiver support programs
  • Compliance & adherence programs
  • Reminder services
  • Follow ups and surveys

Customized Fulfillment

We provide daily fulfillment and personalized mailing programs:
  • Ongoing print support programs
  • Print on Demand services
  • Kits, medical devices
  • Coupons, bulk orders
  • Sampling programs, including Schedule 3 products
  • Customized mailing schedules
  • Confidential and PIPEDA compliance

Reporting and Analytics

We have decades of experience with the sensitivities of CRM & Database Management
  • Patient and program databases
  • Searchable resource databases
  • Automated newsletter, reminder and/or intervention triggers
  • CASL & PIPEDA compliant

Cost-effective Web & Digital Solutions

  • Web services registration and web form data collection
  • E-newsletters
  • Electronic fulfillment (email, web updates)
  • CASL compliant
  • Web service for client hosted or managed sites
  • Secure web interface sites
  • Web page design & development
  • Content management

Brand Care

HealthConnect cares about our clients' Brand and Corporate image. Because we represent our clients to their patients and customers, "Care" is a discipline for us. It's inherent in the:
  • High standards we set for our employees
  • Technology that allows for quick access to approved information
  • Daily handling of requests and orders
  • Customized material or sample orders
  • Compassionate handling of complaints and concerns

We also understand the regulatory environment that governs the health and pharmaceutical industries. We have a reputation for extreme attention to detail, which carries through in all aspects of our work:
  • Quality Control
  • Compliance with privacy and consent
  • Adherence to SOP's
  • Data security
  • Complaint management
  • Accurate reporting
  • Audited standards

HealthConnect provides outsource and strategic solutions, including:

  • Strategic consulting
  • Med Info & Safety Services & Support
  • Adverse Event reporting
  • Customer service triage
  • Social Media monitoring
  • E-Detailing
  • Assisted surveys and tracking


HealthConnect Pharmacy provides today's online generation with convenience through online ordering and home delivery...with confidential, one on one consultation about medications or supplements by phone.

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